Life panels for high sustainability

Ruukki® life panels are our most sustainable sandwich panels. A true example of sustainable development, these high quality sandwich panels were developed by optimising all product factors - from raw materials to product logistics and recycling.

  • Recycled material content of the life panel is over 80%
  • Up to 20% lower GWP (global warming potential) compared to traditional mineral wool cored sandwich panels
  • Reusable and fully recyclable

Using our life panels, you can get more LEED and BREEAM credits for your building. Also available in a highly energy efficient energy panel version. 

Our services for sandwich panels

Frame and envelope optimisation

Our most extensive service concept makes it possible for developers of single-storey buildings to have direct control of investment and operating costs of the building from early stages on. We can optimise the building envelope and frame to meet the specific goals of the project and even optimise the life cycle energy costs, including the HVAC system.

Tailored component deliveries

Working with our buying customers and installation companies, we can, together, offer the benefits of our products and technical support to a wide range of construction projects.

Life panel offering


Sandwich panel SPA E life for external wall

Mineral wool 150 - 230 0.25 - 0.16 Standard fix EI 30 - 60 A2-s1, d0

Sandwich panel SPA E life energy

Mineral wool 150 - 230 0.25 - 0.16 Standard fix EI30 - 60 A2-s1, d0

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